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Class Descriptions

Beginner/Gentle:  For complete beginners, those recovering from injury or wanting a gentle class. We will work on the fundamentals of Pilates, learning the basic matwork exercises and gently mobilizing the entire body.

Intermediate:  For those with some prior experience of Pilates. We will build on your knowledge of the exercises and start to dig a little deeper, increasing the challenge whilst still honouring the Pilates principles.

Intermediate/Advanced:  Slightly more dynamic than the Intermediate level class. A good option for anyone at Intermediate level who feels ready for a little more challenge. Modifications are given so you can practice at your own level. Not suitable for anyone with acute pain or injury or those with specific medical conditions that may affect your ability to exercise.

Advanced:  A dynamic, flowing class, designed to improve stamina and further challenge your current matwork practice. Incorporating some of the Classical matwork exercises, eg. the Rollover, Open Leg Rocker, the Series of Five.

Bone Health:  For anyone interested in maintaining strong, healthy bones! We will work on improving your balance and keeping you moving with a focus on alignment. This class is suitable for all, but if you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or are osteopenic, this is definitely the class for you! NB: Small equipment is used in this class (eg. hand and ankle weights, bands etc).

Private Tuition

A private session is highly recommended if you are a complete beginner, to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates before moving into a group class. Private sessions are also a great idea if you have specific needs/goals, eg. recovering from injury; ante/post natal; training for an event; looking to improve a specific area of your practice. These sessions, specifically tailored to the needs of the individual, are beneficial to anyone, regardless of experience.

Prices start at £55 for 1:1 and £70 for 2:1 (additional charges for travel/venue hire may apply).  Please contact Marina for more information.

Corporate classes for larger groups can also be arranged.  Please contact Marina for rates and more information.

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