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Bliss Balls Recipe

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share my recipe for the Peanut Maca Bliss Balls I made earlier this week as I had a few requests for it after I posted a photo on my Instagram page. I absolutely love these healthy little snacks. I try to make them regularly so I have something to grab between classes when I'm low on energy. The medjool dates make them beautifully sweet, and they go really well with coffee too.

The last recipe I shared with you was a little vague on the quantities and I'm afraid this one is too - ooops, sorry! But to be honest, it doesn't really matter when you're making Bliss Balls - it is about using a basic method and then trying out your own flavour combinations. You just need to get the mixture to a consistency that you can roll into balls without them collapsing or crumbling - not too wet, not too dry. Anyway, here's my (somewhat vague) recipe:-



Medjool dates (about 10)

Ground almonds (approx 50g)

Walnuts (small handful)

Peanut butter or other nut butter (1 tbspn)

Maca powder (1 tbspn)

Chia seeds (1 tbspn)

Maple syrup (1-2 tbspns)


Couldn't be easier. Blitz everything in the food processor until well combined. Roll into balls. Done!


You can try using different nuts (cashews are one of my faves), or try adding raw cacao powder to make them lovely and chocolatey. You can try different spices too - I once tried one with cardomon and lime and it was absolutely delicious!

I sometimes roll them in coconut, chia seeds or raw cacao powder, but you can leave them plain if you prefer. Use your imagination! I usually store mine in the fridge so if they're a little soft they will firm up when they're in the fridge.


Enjoy, and let me know in the comments below if you make them!

Marina x

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