April Roundup


How are you all doing on this May Day bank holiday? April seemed to disappear like a flash! Here are some of the things I got up to, and some of the things I have been loving this past month.

Apart from the obvious hot cross buns and mini eggs, Easter in my village also means the Annual Easter Sunday Dog Race on the beach. This has to be one of my favourite days of the year. I mean, who wouldn’t want to witness a man dressed as the Easter Bunny being chased down the beach by a pack of barking dogs to a background of the Benny Hill theme tune?

We also had some friends to stay over the weekend so it was a good excuse to cook up a storm. I made (amongst other things) a Cauliflower Cake, Roasted Butternut Squash with Chilli Yoghurt and Coriander Sauce (both recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi), and a delicious chocolate tart (recipe by Jamie Oliver) for dessert. Just in case we hadn't all had enough chocolate already!


Every Friday I take a Pilates class at Pilates Hub in Truro. I teach mat classes at this lovely studio on Wednesday evenings but on Fridays it is my turn to be taught. Susan King is my teacher and she puts me through my paces on the apparatus, challenging my strength, balance and co-ordination in equal measure. This is one of my favourite times of the week – an hour to re-align my body at the end of a busy week of teaching. It is so important to find some time for ourselves and this is my time – I love it!


I wandered into the Lush store in Truro the other week and came out with two little treats for myself.

I bought a Sugar Scrub containing fresh fennel and grated ginger. Warning: this needs to be quite wet when you use it, otherwise it is very abrasive! But, it smells delicious and my skin felt amazingly soft afterwards. It does crumble away if you don’t let it dry out after use, so bear that in mind when storing it. I’ve used mine four times so far and I’ve still got loads left.

I also bought the Big Bang Bubble Bar, which contains avocado butter, grapefruit oil and lemon myrtle oil. I crumbled the whole thing into warm running water and spent a blissful hour soaking away all my worries.

I can’t wait to get back to Lush to try some more bath products!


The Bolster Festival, Chapel Porth. The Bolster Festival takes place every year in St Agnes and it is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. Long ago Cornwall was apparently full of marauding giants and one of them, Bolster, terrorized the good folk on the north coast regularly eating their children.

To celebrate Bolster’s eventual demise, the villagers of St Agnes hold a pageant every year starting with a lantern procession, bonfire and barbeque. The following day the Knight Sir Constantine and the bolster drummers parade the streets of the village in search of Bolster (a 28ft giant effigy) ending in a dramatic confrontation on the cliffs above the stunning Chapel Porth Beach.



I LOVE banana bread. Actually, I’m a little obsessed with it. I love to knock up a loaf to enjoy over the weekend for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea… I’ve tried lots of recipes but I would say my current favourite is the one found in the Ottolenghi “Plenty More” cookbook. It is a good, sturdy loaf, great for toasting and eating with butter or, as Ottolenghi suggests, smeared with tahini, drizzled with raw honey and sprinkled with a little seasalt.

What did you get up to in April? Let me know in the comments below!

Marina x

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