Core and Glutes Mini-Workout

Hello there, happy Wednesday!

Its raining today in Cornwall, so I'm spending the day indoors catching up on admin and general life chores, drinking all the tea and hanging out with the pup. I'm on the last week of my Summer holiday this week, and next week is the final week of Summer Sessions. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you again in class next week, before we start the new term on 9th September.

In the meantime, if you're looking for some more workout inspiration you might want to try the final of my Summer mini workouts! This one is for core and glutes.

Beginners and those with osteoporosis, see variations at the end of the post.

The Exercises

  • Spine curls

  • Spine curls with ribcage closure

  • Bridge hold with toe taps

  • Bridge hold with single leg pelvis dips

  • Raised battement

Do up to 6 of each. Move slowly and with control throughout. As always, you can repeat the series as many times as you like but remember - quality is more important than quantity!

Top Tips:-

  • Maintain a strong and stable bridge position - don't let those hips drop!

  • Keep the waist long on both sides;

  • Make sure the ribcage isn't flaring;

  • Maintain a sense of length and imagine the knees are moving away from the head;

  • Keep the hips level at all times (particularly for the last 3 exercises);

  • Keep breathing!

Beginners - try the following variations:-

  • Instead of Bridge hold with toe taps, hold the bridge position and raise one heel off the floor (stay on the toes only). Lift and lower the heel up to 6 times on each side.

  • Instead of Bridge hold with single leg pelvis dips, keep both feet on the floor. Try holding the bridge position and doing knee openings (ie. taking one knee out to the side without letting the hip drop on that side).

  • Instead of Raised battement, leave out the bridge. Keep the spine and pelvis on the mat and do the same leg movement. Focus on keeping the spine stable and not letting the ribs push up towards the ceiling.

Osteoporosis - try the following variations:-

  • Do bridges instead of spine curls (ie. keep the spine in neutral as you lift and lower the hips, rather than articulating through each vertebra).

  • For the last 2 exercises try the variations listed above for beginners. Focus on maintaining neutral throughout.

If you're unsure, email me or comment below and I can help.


Marina x

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