The Series of 5

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hello there!

I'm back again, this time with a workout for intermediate and advanced levels. The Series of 5 is a great workout for the abdominals, but its also super-important to remember to make sure the spine and pelvis are stable throughout.

If you are a beginner you can modify this series. Take a look at my modifications further down this post before you do the series.

Avoid this one if you have low back pain, or try the modifications I give below for beginners.

Remember to move with control at all times. Don't rush!

The Exercises

  • Single leg stretch

  • Double leg stretch

  • Single straight leg stretch

  • Double leg toe taps

  • Criss cross

Do up to 6 of each. You can repeat the series as many times as you like but remember - quality is more important than quantity!

Top Tips:-

  • Keep your spine and pelvis stable throughout;

  • Maintain your curl up! Keep checking to make sure you're not dropping back towards the mat;

  • Keep breathing!

Beginners - try the following variations:-

  • Keep your head down on the mat.

  • For Single leg stretch and Double leg stretch, don't take your legs as low as I do in this video.

  • Single straight leg stretch - a good alternative to this exercise is Curl ups.

  • Instead of Double leg toe taps, do Single leg toe taps. Keep your head down for these and just focus on keeping your spine and pelvis in neutral throughout.

  • Criss cross - an alternative to this exercise is Oblique curl ups.

Let me know how you go - enjoy!


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