Pilates is a Practice

Hey there,

As I sit down to start writing this journal entry, hot chocolate in hand and my dog Chloe snuggled up next to me, I am thinking that today, 1st December, is right up there in my top 5 favourite days of the year.

Its blustery outside, the sun is peeking through the clouds, leaves are floating by the window. Occasionally, there's a burst of heavy rain. I always feel thoughtful and thankful at this time of year. For me, December is a time for looking forward - to Christmas celebrations with loved ones, taking some time off, slowing down and doing all the things I love. Going for long walks, cooking, watching films, reading, eating mince pies and listening to Christmas tunes on repeat. But it's also a time for reflecting on the past year, for celebrating my achievements and thinking about how I can improve next year.

This brings me to Pilates. I want to remind you that your Pilates practice is just that - a practice. And practice makes progress. So keep going! This year you may have taken the plunge and progressed to a more challenging class; perhaps you've decided to sign up to 2 classes per week (or more); perhaps you've joined the Virtual Studio and committed to your own home practice. Maybe you've suffered an injury and have decided to move to a gentler class while you recover. I've seen all of these things with my clients this year.