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A Treat for Tired Feet (and Legs)

Hello beauts! Who's getting excited about Christmas? I can't believe that it's only 2 weeks away woohooo! Whether you've been racing around town getting your Christmas shopping done or dancing the night away at the office Christmas party in your stylish-but-not-so-sensible shoes, your feet will probably be taking a bit of a beating this month. So give them a bit of love. Read on...

The Spiky Ball. If you don't already have one of these little fellas, do yourself a favour and get one. One of my favourite ways of using the spiky ball is for massaging my feet. They come in a variety of sizes and can be either soft or hard.

Place one foot on your spiky ball and just roll it around under your foot. I usually start with light pressure and gradually get harder, making sure I cover the whole sole of the foot. Next, press down into the ball with your heel and release slowly, repeating 5 times. Move up to the arch of the foot and repeat 5 times, and then finally the ball of the foot, and repeat 5 times. Repeat the whole sequence on the other foot. When you have finished your feet will feel amazing - really grounded and released. Aaaaah bliss!

Another favourite of mine is Legs Up The Wall Pose. If you've done yoga before you will probably know this pose. It is great for relaxation, promoting restful sleep, relieving stress and avoiding swollen legs and ankles. You need to do a bit of shimmying to get into the right position here - you will be lying on the floor on your back and your pelvis and buttocks should be as close to the wall as possible, your legs straight up the wall. You can also slightly raise the pelvis by placing a small cushion or folded towel under your sacrum/low back. If your hamstrings are very tight, just move a little further away from the wall and slightly bend the knees if you need to. Once you get there, close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax. This pose should be avoided if you have glaucoma or if you are on medication for high blood pressure.

Finally, find some time at the end of the day to simply put your feet up and enjoy a hot chocolate and/or a good book. Have a great week everyone!

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