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What's so great about Pilates?

I owe a lot to Pilates. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I often chat to my clients about how Pilates has helped them and it makes me so happy hearing about the positive effects it has on them. I have been thinking about this recently and wanted to write a little post about some of the amazing benefits of Pilates, and why you should make it a part of your life.

1. Time for you. Pilates gives you one hour free of interruption, to completely focus on yourself and forget about everything else going on at home, at work, with family, friends, etc. Life can get pretty hectic and it is important to remember that sometimes we need to just slow down and take time out! Pilates requires complete concentration and it feels so good to push all the madness aside for an hour and just be present, connecting mind and body.

2. Better posture. Not only does good posture make you look better, it makes you feel better too. These days we tend to spend way too much time hunched over phones, computers, desks, steering wheels. Pilates helps to strengthen your deep core muscles, the ones that support your spine and keep you upright! You will stand taller, feel more confident and be able to breathe more efficiently.

3. Less pain. I am amazed by the number of my clients who have reported an improvement in their back pain (or other pain) since starting Pilates. Obviously there are no guarantees and there are many different causes of pain and each must be treated individually, but time and time again I am hearing of people who have either reduced their dosage of painkillers, stopped taking them altogether, or are just feeling less pain generally, since starting a regular practice. I should add that I am one of those people, and that is why I trained to become a Pilates teacher!

4. It can make you stronger and more toned. When new clients come to me I ask them why they want to start Pilates. A large number of them tell me that they want to feel stronger. Strong is the new skinny, right? Pilates is brilliant for strengthening and lengthening. With regular, committed practice, you will feel stronger and your muscles will start to feel more toned. We all want to look good, but Pilates gives you more. You will feel good too.

5. It will make you happy. It is well known that exercise releases endorphins, those lovely little hormones that make us feel happy. Even one class a week will have a positive effect on your state of mind. A Pilates class in the morning will set you up for the day with a smile on your face and feeling like you can cope with anything life throws at you. A class at the end of your day will leave you feeling calm and serene, and with a better chance of a restful night’s sleep.

Lots of reasons to try Pilates right there!

Marina x

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